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Aloha, my name is Cole Kawika! Hawai'i born, Colorado raised, Los Angeles and now Miami. Fitness and Mental Health are my passions, I am a NASM certified personal trainer and USA Hockey certified coach. My mission is to help people reach their health and athletic goals, while leading by example and inspiring. It is my passion to promote a healthy lifestyle not only physically but mentally as well. I am a well-rounded trainer specializing in strength and conditioning, muscle building, weight loss, functional/corrective exercise, high intensity interval training, and sports performance coming from a background of playing/coaching competitive ice hockey. Custom 1 on 1 personal training and group training available for all fitness levels! Contact me for more information and book your FREE fitness assessment/training session!


Why I Started Training


After my Ice Hockey playing career, I fell in love with the gym as it had helped me out of rock bottoms with mental health and addiction. Although the gym had been an intimidating place sometimes for me in my teens and early twenties. My own insecurity and the stigma of the male trainer being the biggest, strongest, most ripped guys in the gym had kept me away from pursuing a career in fitness. In 2019 I got my NASM Certification. I had finally gotten over the fear and decided to take this passion and give back to something that had given me so much and start helping others the way fitness has helped me. The gym has saved my life in the past and it is currently doing so with the recent loss of my Father due to suicide. This is also a big reason why I do this, to help spread awareness of mental health, addiction, and the correlation of taking care of our physical health through exercise, nutrition, and regeneration. Training gives me purpose, and I promise you will feel that purpose in your own version of it when we start training together.

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Cole Kawika Fitness takes pride in providing his community with absolutely everything needed for a supreme fitness or gym experience.

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